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Food Services & Hospitality


We offer full-service management of food services and hospitality programs, including day-to-day management of staffing, training, purchasing, alcohol service, marketing, branding, customer service, and financial systems. Our Everything’s Fresh™ philosophy delivers exciting guest experiences and maximum revenue with fresh local menus, relevant brands, engaging customer service, impactful marketing and powerful analytics. We manage the food services and hospitality programs at more than 140 different and unique venues throughout North America, which equips our team with the experience to deliver cutting edge solutions.


We offer full-service management of retail merchandise programs including store layout and design, purchasing, staffing, marketing, customer service, and financial systems. We specialize in delivering fresh, exciting retail experiences including on-site custom embroidery and engraving, 3D imaging which allows fans to transform into their favorite players, women’s specialty boutiques, children’s novelties and big and tall outlets offering a variety of sizes and fits. These unique concepts, coupled with engaging customer service, maximizes the overall customer experience and drives revenue.


We deliver industry-leading food service and hospitality design that brings our Everything’s Fresh™ philosophy to life. This means creating innovative culinary spaces dedicated to preparing food fresh, with local flavors in front of customers in engaging environments. Design services include everything from feasibility studies and mechanical electrical plumbing (MEP) to equipment purchasing and construction/installation management. Our experience helps to maximize design budgets, while at the same time designing the next generation food service, hospitality and merchandise spaces that encourage socialization and excitement.


Spectra delivers revenue optimization through creative promotions, themed concepts, targeted marketing efforts, and noteworthy events to fill dark dates. Our in-house marketing team is immersed in the industry, and skilled in the nuances of food services & hospitality. We provide services to clients and our own on-site staff, including marketing plan development, public relations, social media, graphic design, and concept development. We deliver award-winning concepts and engaging promotions that provide our client venues a competitive market advantage.


Spectra’s clients have access to our national purchasing partnership. This guarantees our clients the lowest delivered price through direct contracts and rebate programs with food manufacturers and distributors. Few competitors can match our depth and breadth of competitively priced contract food products. Access to our buying group also affords our clients access to powerful analytics programs as well as significant savings on non-food and beverage products and services such as telecommunications, printing, office equipment, and supplies.


We provide a full range of consulting services for minor to major renovations, pre-opening and transitions, equipment purchasing, request for proposals processes, marketing, brand development as well as data and analytics. Our professional team can engage at any point during the process to work diligently with architects, contractors, inspectors, consultants, and city officials to ensure key performance indicators are met and operational excellence is achieved.


Spectra collects, interprets, and shares data with our clients in order to help drive intelligent business decisions. Aggregated, real-time data can be used both operationally to improve food services and hospitality for guests and analytically to engage guests with more intelligence behind initiatives and decisions. Data sources related to food services & hospitality range from purchase behavior and cost analysis to waste analysis and demographic information.

Our Clients

Spectra Food Services & Hospitality serves over 250,000 events and an estimated 40 million guests per year in our more than 140 client venues throughout the United States and Canada. We create memorable customer experiences and drive revenues through fresh and engaging concepts, personal service and attention to detail.

Food Services & Hospitality Markets Served:

  • Amphitheater, Arena, Convention & Exhibition Center, Cultural Facilities, Event & Fairground, Gaming & Hotel, Performing Arts Center & Theater, Racetracks, Specialized Venue, Stadium
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The growth of your business starts with our senior management team, who brings over a century of experience to the business. They have been responsible for managing events like the Olympics, Super Bowls, World Series, and even catering for the President of the United States. We have the background and experience to successfully manage events of any size or complexity.