At Spectra, we have a proud tradition of community investment and a commitment to making a difference. Together, the Comcast Spectacor, Comcast and NBCUniversal families empower our communities by investing in local organizations to mobilize resources and connect people to make a difference. Comcast Spectacor has contributed nearly $26 million to non-profit organizations. Across each of our companies and teams we make proactive efforts to maintain ethical standards, community service activism, and sustainability practices in all areas.

Animal welfare and sustainability are deeply important to Spectra Food Services & Hospitality and we are constantly evaluating how to achieve a more humane food system. To further our commitment to animal welfare, Spectra Food Services & Hospitality is committed to sourcing all company-purchased eggs, including all shell and liquid pre-cracked eggs, from cage-free facilities by 2019. Spectra is proud to expand our existing green programs in order to continue being good stewards of the environment.